A Mother’s Intuition: A Mission to Strengthen Family Bonds

What is intuition? A quick internet search reveals that intuition is “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning”. I’m not sure how many business schools would advise their students to start a business solely based on intuition, but that’s exactly how and why I started Kilo Books Hawaiʻi. Advice taken straight from one of my favorite books, Rework, (by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried)

recommends that we focus on solving our own problems instead of focusing on the external ones. 

As I approached my fourth year of motherhood, I felt that my son and I weren’t engaging in a meaningful and deliberate way that focused on nature. I needed an educational tool that focused around the practice of kilo or observation. And I knew the hook for me was that this educational tool needed to be easy, fun and packaged for home use! Moreover, I wanted the tool to provide educational value for both myself and my son that inherently built in quality time together. I knew that I wanted to generate a long-term mindset that would provide a more immersive experience rather than a one-off activity that may be less memorable. The tool needed to build meaning and connection through repetition that deepened the practice of kilo while also igniting and strengthening family engagement.

In April 2019, with my motherhood and teaching experiences in one hand and my intuition in the other, I started dreaming up ideas for this tool. By mid-November, my illustrator and I created and published Kilo Ua: Rain Field Guide. Today, my motherly intuition has strengthened and clarified the company’s mission which aims to strengthen family bonds through the native Hawaiian practice of kilo or observation through our nature-based activity field guides. Our mission governs our entire creative process and we seek to embed it on each page of our second field guide.

What is your intuition telling you right now? Start your Kilo Journey today! We can’t wait to hear about it @kilobookshawaii

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