Capture the Rainy Season Together

Kilo Ua:

Rain Field Guide

Give Your ʻOhana the Gift of Time

& Kilo Together.

Letʻs dive into your 28-day Kilo Ua Journey!

Kilo Ua: Rain Field Guide brings the family together over 4 weeks to observe rainfall where you live. Each week, you will begin and end your day with your Kilo Ua guide. There are 5 timeframes during which you and your keiki will make rainfall observations. Tip: During times that you may not be together, designate one person to take rainfall observations during those times.

Once you have completed the entire week of observations including filling out the “mostly row”, you and your keiki will analyze the data you collected as part of the “Everyday Mathematics” activities, followed by the creation of your weekly “My Sticker Chart”.

Evaluating your own data, deriving new information, and drawing conclusions from your analysis brings connection and purpose to the forefront of your Kilo Ua journey!