Journey Into the Hawaiian Rainforest

My Rainforest Journal

featuring the stories of Eight endemic Rainforest species!

Get a head start on your next trip to Hawaiʻi’s Rainforest by learning about the flora and Fauna you might see on the trail

We’re SO excited that you have your My Rainforest Journal to accompany as you trek ma uka (upland) on your favorite trail! Whether you are imagining that you are on your favorite trail and on the go, this page is dedicated to keeping you posted with My Rainforest Journal!

Instructions to Assemble Your DIY Game Chips

Ready to challenge yourself to recall everything you learned from your Journal? Yes, it’s time to play My Rainforest Game! Before you play, take a moment to make your DIY Game Chip Cutouts! 

  1. Cut out each game chip by cutting along the dashed lines.
  2. Fold each game piece in half
  3. Fold the bottom of the game piece and use a piece of tape to create a base