Kilo Ua Animation Tutorial Guide

Kilo Ua Animation Tutorial Guide

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Over the last 18 months, in partnership with Nā Pua Noʻeau, I have been teaching keiki between in Pre-K to 5 grades how to animate their world! 

Now, you can create your very own Kilo Ua Animation by downloading our  tutorial guide online! 

How does the practice of kilo relate to creating your animation? 

1. Animation enables keiki to express their kilo experiences through the re-imagining and recollecting the movements they observed. These movements can include: rain falling, waves breaking, or rainbows forming.

2. Animations are built upon a series of frames that come together to simulate motion or movement. This requires critical thinking and problem solving skills to piece together frames in the correct sequence. 

A few more plugs about why keiki should learn animation:

1. Animation is Fun!

2. Animation teachers Patience

3. Animation promotes Creativity over digital Consumption!!

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