My Surf Diorama Assembly Guide

Let’s get started!

Meet the Hawaiian Shorebirds in Your Diorama





Step 1: Surfboard Stand Setup:

Color your surfboards and then cut out your surfboards and your surfboard stands.

Step 2: Surfboard stand assembly: 

Fold your surfboard stand and glue it to the bottom of your surfboard so that you can attach it to your surfboard platform. Follow the sequence below!

Step 3: Fold and Assemble Your Surfboard Platforms:

To make the surfboard platforms, fold it in half and then fold it again. Glue the bottoms of the platform tabs together to form a flat surface. Then ask an adult for help to cut a slit in the middle of the top of the platform along the dotted lines. The slit will be the point of connection between your surfboard stand and platform. 

Step 4: Set up your #Barrelgami and Surf Keiki