My Surf Diorama

🏄🏽‍♀️ Aloha! Ready to get started on your My Surf Diorama Assembly? Let's get started!

Step 1: Color Your Diorama Panels: Grab your color pencils or paint set and start coloring/painting your panels! Get the whole family involved!

 Surf Diorama Title Panel

 Surf Diorama Colored Title Panel

 Step 2: Surfboard Stand Setup: Color your surfboards and then cut out your surfboards and your surfboard stands.

 Colored Surfboards ready for cut out


Surf boards and stand cut out

Step 3: Surfboard stand assembly: Fold your surfboard stand and glue it to the bottom of your surfboard so that you can attach it to your surfboard platform. Follow the sequence below!


Step 4: Fold and Assemble Your Surfboard Platforms: To make the surfboard platforms, fold it in half and then fold it again. Glue the bottoms of the platform tabs together to form a flat surface. Then ask an adult for help to cut a slit in the middle of the top of the platfom along the dotted lines. The slit will be the point of connection between your surfboard stand and platform. 


Step 5: Glue your diorama panels into the box


Step 6: Color your wave #barrelgami : Here's a little tip if you want to color the inside of your wave: Trace the wave on the backside of the wave panel to help you color within the lines. You can do this by going under a light source and tracing the dotted lines! Then color and cut after you are done!


Step 7: Secure your wave and attach your sea spray: Use the wave tabs to help you secure your wave to your diorama box with glue. After you have glued your wave into your diorama box, attach your sea spray to the front of your wave. #cheehoo


Step 8: Surfing Keiki Setup: Attach the surfboard stand to the platform and then secure keiki to surfboards and add them to your diorama


 Step 9: Add your shorebirds to your diorama & your done!