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  • Hooilo Packet Cover

    Hoʻoilo Packet Download


    Celebrate the Hoʻoilo (the rainy season) by downloading our packet which includes the following:

    1. Kilo Ua Coloring Page
    2. DIY Kilo Ua Flipbook
    3. Kilo @ Lunch Notes
    4. Kilo Tracking Worksheets
    5. Weekly Weather Analysis Worksheets
    6. My Weekly Kilo Graphs
    7. Trilingual Rain Tracing Sheets

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  • ʻŌhiʻa Seed Kit


    Ohia Seedling

    What’s Inside Your Kit:

    • ʻŌhiʻa Seeds (collecting by us ? )
    • Sphagnum moss
    • 8 paper pots (3 inches in diameter)
    • Custom designed box with data table

    ?Just Add Soil + Water?! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

  • Kilo Ua Field Guide Cover

    Kilo Ua: Rain Field Guide

    Capture the Rainy Season Together with Kilo Ua

    Kilo Ua guides families through observing, experiencing and forecasting rain and weather events. Using this educational tool, together you can document your observations and collective moments. Archive your family’s journey as a childhood keepsake with Kilo Ua.

  • Minirama Rainforest

    My Minirama Rainforest + Mini Field Guide


    We’ve gone mini! You can make your very own miniature model Hawaiʻi Rainforest & accompanying field guide. And guess what? Your Minirama printout also includes a DIY Mini Field Guide.

    Printed back and front on a single sheet of 11×17 card stock (100#), this DIY project will delight all ages from keiki, mākua to nā kūpuna!

    Check out Ezra’s Mini-Rama Rainforest Assembly Guide

  • Custom Rainforest Diorama

    My Rainforest Diorama


    Custom Rainforest Diorama

    My Rainforest Diorama brings the whole ʻohana (family) together igniting imagination and creativity through delivering a hands-on learning experience through constructing a model of a Hawaiian Rainforest.

    ▶️Preview the new custom designed diorama box that wraps around the inside and outside of the box.

  • My Rainforest Journal Cover

    My Rainforest Journal

    My Rainforest Journal will take the entire ʻohana on a journey into Hawaiʻiʻs rainforests! You will be greeted by four endemic manu (birds) and four of their favorite endemic lāʻau (plants) and kumu laʻāu (trees).

    Co-authored by Aunty Jane Beachy & Uncle Bret Nainoa Mossman (@birds_hawaii_pastpresent), you will learn about the intricate details that they have come to know from their years of experience working to restore and protect Hawaiʻi’s rainforests.

    Illustrated by Aunty Amanda Dillon (of Aline Design),  her beautiful illustrations will delight you as you make your way through your Journal.

  • My Surf Diorama


    My Surf Diorama brings the whole ʻohana (family) together igniting the love and passion for our favorite sport, heʻenalu or surfing! Engineer your own barrel wave (#barrelgami) and build your own surf scene. This diorama is sure to inspire endless stories about surfing at our favorite surf spots. My Surf Diorama is set along the shoreline and rolling waves of Waikīkī nestled between the iconic Lēʻahi (Diamond Head) and Kalaeloa.

    ▶️Preview the new custom designed diorama box that wraps around the inside and outside of the box.

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