Create with Us!

My DIY Rainforest Diorama

It’s time to get creative and imagine your Hawaiian Rainforest! Please follow these instructions to get started. Please feel free to be as creative as possible! Parents, please help your child with using scissors when needed! Mahalo!

Fold the box along the crease lines of the box and then lay the box flat on the table.
Please grab a side panel, one bird, and two trees.
Carefully cut your diorama pieces closer to the dotted lines. Parents, please assist your child with this task if needed.
Color your diorama pieces.
Place your side panel and two trees in the box as pictured.
Use glue or tape to secure your side panel and trees. Fold your trees along the base so they stand up. Cut a small piece of string and tape your bird to the string. Tape your string to the inside of the box cover. Adjust the string size as needed.
Carefully cut out title panel and write your name on it.
Tape or glue your title panel to the outside of your box and you are done!

Extra! Want to add Clouds and Raindrops?

Grab a cloud and cloud and rain panel.
Carefully cut two pieces of string and tape it to your cloud.
Tape your cloud to the top (inside) of your box
Carefully cut out your raindrops and tape them to the back of your cloud
Raindrops taped to the cloud
Your diorama is complete! Please continue to learn more about the endemic birds and plants found in our Hawaiian Rainforests.